AG Phillips U.S. Debut at Tootsies & Trunk Show Benefiting Nora’s Home

Last week AG Phillips made its U.S. debut at Tootsies’ Houston and Atlanta stores.  Tootsies flagship store in West Ave. held a trunk show for the AG Phillips Fall / Winter 2014 collection, which benefitted Nora’s Home, a local charity that helps support transplant patients and their families. Within the two-hour cocktail reception, Tootsies was able to raise $2,500 for Nora’s Home from a percentage of sales from the evening! Oliver and I enjoyed mingling with guests, seeing new and familiar faces and describing various pieces in the collection. It was a great evening - for an even greater cause and we’re thankful to have had this opportunity! A special thank you to Kayla Lehmann, Jane Brann and Joanna Rose at Nora’s Home for all of their hard work that went into making this evening possible. I’d also like to thank the Events Manager at Tootsies, Shelley Ludwick for organizing and planning the Trunk Show and Nora’s Home Event and the entire staff at Tootsies for a wonderful evening!  Last but not least, thank you to Uchi for preparing a host of delicious sushi bites for guests – yum!  Thank you to everyone who attended the Trunk Show and who came out to support Nora’s Home – I look forward to seeing many of you in your new AG Phillips Dresses this autumn! : ) Photo Credit: Daniel Ortiz 1  

Andrea Phillips, Joanna Rose and Cristina Rose. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


From left: Kim Myers,  Brittany Boone, Kate Blue and Bethany Buchanan. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


Christina Flores, left, and Veronica Massiatte. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


Kelly Burke and Robert Lynd.  Photo by Daniel Ortiz 6

Megan Thomason, from left, Ronke Amubieya and Gabriel Zamora. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 5

The sushi crew from Uchi at work in Tootsies. Photo by Daniel Ortiz

Oliver and I

Oliver Phillips and Andrea Phillips. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 7

Janet Haworth, left, and Linda Ittner. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 8

Cindy and Randy Garbs. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 9

Taylor Crowder, left, and Miralda Daniels. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 10

Melinda Rao, left, Townes Pressler and Jen Wallis. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 11

Cristina, young Scotty and Scott Rose. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


Benjamin and Elizabeth Smith. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 13

Jane Brann, from left, Linda Strickland and Kayla Lehmann. Photo by Daniel Ortiz 14

Lynn Schriber, from left, Deborah Putnam and Pat Walker. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


Patricia Griffith, Maureen Phillips, Tye Taft. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


Carol Welter and Andrea Sharp. Photo by Daniel Ortiz


Lindsay Arbour and Cathleen Fishel. Photo by Daniel Ortiz

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Andrea Phillips currently lives in London where she will officially debut her first collection this summer. Andrea founded AG Phillips when she noticed a distinct void in the womenswear market from both a product and price perspective. Several other factors uniquely came together that led Andrea to develop the AG Phillips ready-to-wear line.